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Weekend Test-Drive with Porsche Conshohocken


This post is in partnership with Porsche of Conshohocken. All opinions here are my own.


When Porsche of Conshohocken reached out to me to see if I would be interested in test driving a Porsche Cayenne SUV for the weekend, I said, "of course!"; I mean, what mom of 3 little ones doesn't want to feel fun, sleek and sexy sometimes?! That's exactly what I thought of when the Cayenne was mentioned! So, we took the SUV for a fun little Racobaldo family initiation and brought the beauty from Bucks County, to Hershey Park and home again to see if this beaut could hang with us ; )

Upon arriving at Porsche Conshohocken, the staff was friendly and accommodating. Multiple people asked if they could get me something to drink while I waited a few minutes for my contact, Anne. Anne was extremely knowledgable about the car and showed me all of the features I may want try out while I had the car. After Anne gave me a brief overview of the car's features, I said to her, "I can't believe how smart this car is!" The car is touchscreen, so the majority of features for the car as in the phone, radio, car settings, heating/cooling, etc. can all be changed by the tap and/or drag of your finger.

It is incredible how many different sensors the car has to make your drive as safe as possible. From the parking and blind spot sensors, to the rain sensing wipers, the Cayenne doesn't make you have to think much about your drive! One feature I absolutely loved was the hands-free lift gate opening feature for the trunk. As long as I had the key on me, I could just wave my foot under the trunk with my hands full of bags and the trunk would open. I used this when packing the trunk for our weekend getaway and also when I came home to a fridge of empty food and had to hit up the grocery store. That feature is a total game changer for a mom! I was going to post a shot for you to see it in action, but in fact, I just looked like I was getting sucked under the car by my Right I spared you the nightmare lol

Porsche doesn't cut corners when it comes to safety- that's clear. As a mom, my ears perked up when I read that the Cayenne has side impact bars along with rear side-impact airbags. There are 10 airbags in the SUV! That really made me feel safe and at ease, knowing that we were taking a weekend road trip with the 3 girls in the back seat...and I was driving such a powerful SUV!

Another feature that my SUV doesn't have but it comes standard in the Cayenne is Apple CarPlay. Apple CarPlay allows you to stay focused on the road, yet acts of your iPhone on the touchscreen in the car. Apple Maps can be used, your podcasts can be listened to and text messages can be sent and received without the distraction of picking up your phone. The girls loved being able to listen to all of their favorite songs in the car since they are saved on my phone...lots of JoJo Siwa and Taylor Swift graced those Bose speakers in the Cayenne last weekend lol

Not to be forgotten...If you are looking for a luxury mid-size SUV that offers a decent sized trunk space, the Cayenne should definitely be a contender. I'm used to driving a Yukon, which is larger than the Cayenne, so I wasn't sure what to expect when it came to the space I would have to pack for our family of 5 for the weekend. I was able to fit the three girls in the back in their booster seats without an issue. I was pleasantly surprised! We even had ample space to add shopping bags!

The Cayenne is a sleek and gorgeous car with so many high-end extras that truly make you feel like you are driving a luxurious SUV. But, I don't think I can part ways with my bigger SUV just yet! However...Tom may be hooked!

Check out my Porsche Test-Drive highlights on my IG profile @sweetiesinthesuburbs

xoxo Lauren


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