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Motherhood Shoot with Abbie Franz Photography

When Abbie, from Abbie Franz Photography, reached out to me to propose working together, I couldn't contain my excitement! She is a photographer that is local to me in the town of Yardley, Pa.

It came at the most perfect time, since I've been wanting to fill the empty spaces on all of our walls and it's been two years since we had an actual photographer take lifestyle photos of us! Usually, I am the one snapping pictures (to the best of my self-taught ability), so working with a professional photographer is always a special treat- a gift that I cherish!

From the very first point of contact, I could tell that Abbie was an absolute doll! She is so sweet & accommodating and you can tell her heart shines through in her work. When we decided on a date/time that worked for us both, Abbie offered a "closet" of clothing for the shoot; I didn't even have to worry about what myself and the girls would wear! My only job was to have myself and the girls ready upon her arrival. Abbie came to our house so I didn't even have to wrangle the girls in the car and to a location.

As a busy mom, does it get any better than that?! Nope. It doesn't!

On the morning of the shoot, the girls and I were so excited to meet Abbie in person! I had envisioned how the shoot would go for days prior...with Delaney not wanting to leave my side and the older two fighting...with someone ending up in tears by the end lol

Luckily, I couldn't have been more wrong.

Abbie has a way of making everyone feel so comfortable. The first part of the shoot was spent outside. I told Abbie I would love some photos for our house that had a "little house on the prairie" feel; she agreed that it was what she was envisioning as well! I wanted shots of the girls running around out back, in their pretty dresses, doing what they do all the time! After Abbie effortlessly took tons of shots of us girls doing Ring Around the Rosie and the girls chasing each other in our back field, she said she got everything she needed and we could head inside for some more styled shots.

I was amazed at how she knew how to handle the girls so nonchalantly and worked quickly; as she knew there's a "window of opportunity" with the little ones. She's a fellow #girlmom too of a she gets it!!

Once inside, the girls were starting to get a little goofy....our "window" was closing on us hah

Abbie started asking them to tell each other jokes, give kisses and tickle each other...all of which the girls LOVED!

She was able to get some awesome shots because of it!

It was such a nice morning spent with Abbie and I can't stop looking at all the photos. I will cherish these photos for years to come and cant wait to adorn our walls with these captured moments.

THANK YOU Abbie Franz Photography for not only being an amazing photographer, but for being such a sweet human!


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