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Decking the Halls of 2020...the Holidays Must Go On!


This post is in partnership with Christmas Tree Shops andThat!, a brand I truly love.

All opinions here are my own. #ad #christmastreeshops


Let’s be real friends, 2020 has looked VERY different for all of us, but, I’m not going to let it put a damper on the holiday season in our home...and you shouldn’t either!

One thing our family always looks forward to each year is decorating for the holidays, while listening to Christmas music and baking something yummy for afterwards. I’ve slowly begun decorating our house for the holidays and it’s starting to look like a Woodlands Wonderland in the kitchen!

If you have been following me for the last few years, you already know I shop every season, for every reason, at Christmas Tree Shops and That! for decor throughout our home. They carry adorable decor and home items that can fit any budget- and the themes of their lines are ever-changing! Guys, this store is the Mecca. They truly have everything you need and more to bring the holidays into your home; I literally am in awe at their selection each time I visit!

My cart was overflowing with a flocked tree, wreaths, allll the different tabletop trees, tree ornaments and adorable little woodland creatures to put around the counters. I got a large Owl that is beautiful to put on the center island in our kitchen and I'm obsessed with it! Prices ranged from $1.99-$9.99 for the majority of my items, with exception to the tree and two wreaths. Guys, I was like a kid in a candy store.

I went up and down all of the aisles TWICE to make sure I didn't miss anything!

If you haven't been to Christmas Tree Shops and That!, you need to get there ASAP! Their decor is so. stinking. affordable and their selection is so different (and extensive) from other stores.

While I was there, I not only loaded up on all of the woodland decor that I wanted for the kitchen, but I even got all the baking supplies I needed to kick off Thanksgiving week with full bellies and lots of calories LOL

I bought all kinds of baking mixes (even Gluten Free!), new spatulas and of course, all the sprinkles and chocolate chips the girls could ever want! I threw some hot cocoa in my cart too, since that is a staple in our home this time of year- and who doesn't want to bake while sipping on hot cocoa?!

We all may end up in quarantine again, but by golly, the holiday baking and decorating will go on in our home!

I encourage you all to continue your holiday traditions with your family as you normally would at home; let’s end 2020 with fun holiday spirit and special moments of family time spent together!

xoxo Lauren


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