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You Know You're A Girl Mom When....

Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of one day becoming a mom- that's {who} I wanted to be when "I grew up". I always hoped I was lucky enough to have a daughter...and here I am, blessed with 3.'s not all that it's cracked up to be. I imagined painting their nails with smiles on our faces, brushing their hair into dainty and perfect ponytails and them playing school and house just like I did. However, I didn't imagine what everyday real-life would be like. I mean, day-in and day-out kind-of-life.

Now, 3 girls in 4 years later...

You know you're a girl mom when...

1. Whining and crying seem to be the equivalent of oxygen in your house

2. Your laundry pile looks like a natural disaster happened...and UNICEF isn't around to help!

3. Glitter, sparkles and stickers are constantly being vacuumed, scrubbed and wiped off of any & all household surfaces

4. You've witnessed your daughter say, "Daddy, I love you so much" and kiss him on the cheek to win over the last donut in the box

5. You've fought over what is appropriate to wear to preschool

6. You've allowed them to go to the store in a tutu or some ridiculous getup in order to avoid a meltdown or tantrum

(mama don't got patience for that!)

7. Their room either looks like the Pope is coming to visit or their closet came down with the swine flu : /

8. You've seen her innocently perform a risqué dance move and didn't know if you wanted to laugh, cringe or panic first

9. You've scrubbed spilled Piggy Paint polish off your floors and walls

10. Warning them that cutting their own hair is never a good idea and always ends with poking their own eye out.

11. You could recite the lyrics of every "Frozen" song in your sleep.

12. Walking through your garage is like walking through a land mine of bubbles and chalk pieces.

13. You can style hair 4 different ways in the time it takes from getting out of your car to walking through the preschool doors.

14. You have about 82716391 different bows but can only find 3 at any given time; usually only 1 matches the given outfit.

15. Sprinkles ARE a basic food group

16. Dance parties can happen at any given moment...and usually end with someone hurt or crying

17. Your bathtub is filled with barbies and mermaids who look like they have hair plugs

18. You've been invited to more tea parties than Queen Elizabeth

19. You spend more money on clothing for them than you do yourself

20. They have been your hair stylist and make up artist more times than you can count- and insist you always look as pretty as Belle.

21. Their fierce negotiating skills could put Nelson Mandela to shame

22. Your daughter's bed looks like she should either be on an episode of Hoarders or Intervention

23. Your car is littered with Shopkins, LOL Dolls and 6 different types of hair accessories

24. You secretly wish that one day, she will give you the other half of her "Best Friends" bracelet

25. Your heart couldn't be more happy to see the world through her eyes as you once saw it through your own.

...cheers to all the moms who have a glass of wine each night to recover from the day spent with their {sweet} daughter(s)...

And to my daughters...

"If there is one thing in life I could give you, it would be the ability to see yourself through my eyes. Then, you will know exactly how much you are loved and so very special to me."

I love you <3


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