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5 Fall/Winter {Everyday Staples} For My Little Ladies

When October rolls around each year, I get excited to start preparing for the crisp weather ahead! I've put together a list of a few of my latest faves and most coveted Fall items for my little ladies! I can't wait to hear below in the comments if we share some favorites or which items I don't have on my list that I should!

ErgoPouch is an amazing Australian company that I came across on Instagram and fell in love with their products the minute I got them. I have always swaddled my babies from birth and when they were too old to swaddle, I switched them to a sleep sack. Delaney is 17 months and uses a sleep sack every night. As the temperature drops lower in the Fall and Winter, she needs a heavier sleepsack to keep her warm since her room is always colder than the rest of the house. I have two styles of ErgoPouch sacks: ErgoPouch Winter Sleep Suit Bag and the ErgoPouch Winter Baby Sleeping Bag. Both products are made of Organic Cotton and are the same thickness. However, the sleep suit has sleeves and can be used as a sack or zippered into pant legs to use when a baby is in a car seat/stroller and needs to be strapped in. It's really a super cool feature! The sleeping bag (that I've been using since the start of Fall) is strictly a sack design without arms and cannot be used in a car seat.

ErgoPouch also sells ErgoArms, which is great if you want to put your child to bed in a onesie with the sleeveless sack

(as seen above), but don't want their arms to get's essentially a thicker organic cotton cardigan that is sleep safe!

These two Babo products are my go-tos for the girls' skin in the Fall/Winter and really keep dryness away- even Tom and I use them! They are both small, fit in a small handbag and are easy to travel with. I typically use the Hydrating Stick for their lips and cheeks when we are out and about and I love that it is paraben, phthalate, petrolatum, and mineral oil free. I put the Miracle Cream on their face and anywhere else that needs it at night after their bath and before bed. Liv gets little dry patches on her face and back in the Winter and the oatmeal, shea and cocoa butter in the cream really help a lot!

The stick is a godsend when we are spending a lot of time outdoors because I use it as a preventative so the girls' faces don't get chapped or wind burnt. It goes on clear and thinly so it doesn't leave gunk all over their faces!

It’s no surprise that I love to support mama-run companies and businesses, as I know first-hand how much love and attention goes into every sale.

Humble Weave, founded by these sweetest woman, Michelle, is an Australian label that creates a collection of 100% cotton knitted throw blankets for your home and baby/children. The girls use their blankets daily when watching tv before their nap or bedtime. Tom and I fight over our larger sized one because it's so comfy and warm- it also looks beautiful draped over our ottoman! These blankets are made SO well. They are a heavy knit material and come in such beautiful and unique patterns. If you are looking for a nice gift for someone of any age, these Humble Weave blankets are a perfect gift for the holidays!

(... trying to concentrate and not to fall in the boulder field lol)

Baby wearing mamas....THESE covers are life changing!

I still baby-wear Delaney at 17 months because with 3 kids under 5,

I’m outnumbered and need my hands to be free!

These covers are INCREDIBLY warm for outdoor activities during the Fall and Winter months, not to mention the quality is amazing! I came across Nije, a mama-owned shop, on Instagram and immediately messaged them on how I can order a cover! They have different lines of covers that are made from 100% boiled wool, faux fur and other premium materials- so many cute prints! Of course, I needed the faux mink one because Lauren and fur go hand-in-hand during the colder months 🤗 I'm absolutely obsessed with it! It’s lined with a stretchy cotton, which is super soft and allows for comfortable wear.

We took the girls the mountains for the weekend and were planning to be outside most of the time- so I knew I needed to pack my Nije cover. The temp was around 20* the whole time and Delaney was so cozy. I was so glad the cover also had a front pocket for me to keep my hands warm too!

I can’t stress enough how well-made they are and they have an easy zip side closure. This cover is definitely a Fall/Winter must have if you do a lot outdoors and/or would be such a cherished baby gift for an active mama to be!

Clearly, these headbands/headwraps are so stinking cute and would look adorable on any little girl! I love them so much because I can tie them to fit all 3 of my girls' heads and don’t need to have 826338 headbands in different sizes. Since they are a thicker width, they also keep the girls’ heads/ears warmer during the chillier months- 2 birds with 1 stone! D’Anna, the owner of the shop, makes seasonal prints as well as prints that can be worn year round- I'm obsessing over her new plaid winter prints! D'Anna also sent me some Halloween themed prints along with the year round colors and they were a huge hit at preschool and the Halloween parade!

Happy Fall!


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