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Spooky Chic Halloween Tablescape


This post is in partnership with Christmas Tree Shops andThat!, a brand I truly love. All opinions here are my own. #ad #christmastreeshops


This year, Halloween will be a little different than it's always been for us and I think many of you can relate, and may feel the same way.

Covid has really put a damper on the majority of holidays and events that we typically celebrate as a family since the Spring. Who knows if our kids will even get to trick-or-treat this year...or if our kids will even get to have a Halloween party with friends?! As of now, my girls won't even be in school to celebrate Halloween; they will still be learning virtually.

I told Tom I wanted to decorate our house more than usual for Fall/Winter this year to get the girls excited for the Season...and it is {typically} fun for them to help me decorate as well!

I know I've touched on this before on my Instagram posts, but the affordability and style of the decor pieces at Christmas tree Shops andThat! are AMAZING; every season, there's a reason to shop at this amazing mecca! I've shopped there for the last few years for decor, home goods of all types, rugs, outdoor furniture etc. and the sticker prices always shock me...SO.MANY. STEALS!

The quality of items for the prices are also incredible, and their selection for any holiday or season is always extensive! If you've never been, you need to go!

The girls came shopping with me for our Spooky-Chic Tablescape Halloween haul (as I lovingly referred to it) and we chose so many different types of items, I can't wait to share the photos. I wanted to do something totally different this year, so we went a little crazy with the new "Aubergine" line which is full of Pink/Purple/blush hues. Brynley and I packed our cart with Aubergine pumpkins of all shades and sizes to add some "pretty" to our "spooky". Laney chose some different creepy light-up decor pieces with glowing eyes to scatter throughout the looks so eerie at night! Liv likes the cool Gold Snake, the Skull with the Gold Bugs all over it and the mummy hand which we tried to display to look like it was creeping up the table. We tried to stick to a Black/White/Pink/Purple/Gray pallet this year and I think our dining room table looks awesome! The vibe of the room changes from chic to spooky as the sun begins to go down and shadows descend upon the table.

Did we nail our vision or what?!

xoxo Lauren


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