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Basement Kitchenette and Movie Room


Thank you to Raymour & Flanigan for kindly sponsoring this post.

All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.


....This post has been a LONG time coming and I’m so excited to finally share!

We started our basement renovation in November and it's now June...and FINALLY complete!!

I still have shelves to decorate and walls to dress up a bit; but the work is done and the basement is ready for entertaining!

I want to start off the basement reveal by sharing the kitchenette area and movie room because the basement was designed around these two spaces. One space was Tom's "must have" and the other was mine; can you guess who wanted which one?! As you probably already know, Tom and I love to entertain and we both have rather large families, so a finished basement was on our list of "to-dos" when we purchased our home two years ago.

Raymour & Flanigan has been our go-to for furniture since we bought our home and that's where we ended up getting our kitchenette and movie room furniture. We have always had such a positive experience with them, I knew I wanted to go back to shop with them.

If you have ever shopped at Raymour & Flanigan , you already know that visiting their showroom is never less than a perfect experience, as their customer service is impeccable and selection is quite extensive. Raymour & Flanigan prides themselves in working with your style and budget and they have never let me down. Wait until you see what we chose!

As far as the design in mind, we wanted the whole basement to have a mixed vibe. A splash of cozy modern farmhouse mixed with a rustic industrial feel is what we were going for and I think we accomplished what we set out to do. The whole basement exudes warmer and cozier tones than the rest of our house which is cooler tones. I wanted the basement to be a cozy spot that felt unique from the other spaces in our home. I mixed metals, along with Brown/Gray/Blue tones and I'm swooning. The kitchenette area has mixed walnut woods, Copper and Black metal hardware accents and Alabaster painted walls to allow all the natural light to bounce off the walls. I wanted a larger round table, to fit as many people as possible when we entertain, so we chose the 60 inch Tatum round table and smaller sized chairs to maximize space around the table. The Black Oregon metal dining chairs give a more rustic feel to the space and allows optimal space around the table.

When we designed the movie room concept, Tom's must-haves were a kick-butt theatre system and recliners.

Now, we all know that those big bulky movie recliners aren't the most stylish furniture pieces ever made. While Tom kept looking at the movie theatre chairs, we knew we wouldn't be able to fit the number we wanted that would give us space for our family plus guests.

Our ceilings are also only 8 ft which wouldn't allow us to do stadium-like seating in the room.

So, we started searching for reclining couches. Tom also only wanted leather, so that helped narrow our search. We came across the Daxton Leather Sectional in a Camel color and we both agreed that we loved it and it fit all the "wants" for us. It's gorgeous! Not only is it an electric sectional, the headrests recline as well and there is a USB port on both sides to charge our photos or use it for whatever only needs we may have.

How cool is that?!

To have some additional seating when hosting, we got the Odium Counter-Height Dining Set that sits behind the couch along with the Sterling tv console to utilize as a "concession stand”. This will be filled on an “as needed” basis since my girls have already proven to us that they have 0 self-control when candy and snacks are stocked lol

I really feel like the darker wood tones, matched with the Camel, Blue and Grey shades really makes both spaces feel cozy and calming, yet chic. I still need to find some perfect art for the walls, but the hunt continues.

I can't rave enough about the quality of furniture that Raymour & Flanigan offers and will continue to be a loyal customer for years to come.

What is your favorite furniture piece that we selected?!

xoxo Lauren


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3 commentaires

Kendall Bankert
Kendall Bankert
20 janv.

I’m wondering what your flooring is at the kitchenette?


27 déc. 2022

Can you provide information about your cabinets, counter tops and hardware? I love this and would like to do something similar in our basement kitchenette.

Lauren Racobaldo
Lauren Racobaldo
01 févr. 2023
En réponse à

I'm so sorry it took me so long to respond. The cabinets are custom all-wood from J&K Cabinetry in NJ. The counter top is a custom walnut butcher block from Wood Co. Craftsman in NJ. The hardware are Antique Copper Pulls and Knobs from D. Lawless Hardware :)

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