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Easter 2019

What a fun Easter we had!

This year was so much fun because all 3 girls understood Easter and all the fun traditions that come with the holiday for our family.

Egg hunts, dying eggs, dinner with family and seeing that creepy bunny (yet not wanting to sit on his/her lap) all filled the week leading up to Easter.

On Easter Eve, the girls left carrots out on the porch to entice the bunny to hop on worked!

On Easter morning, the girls were awake before 6am; ready to see if the bunny hopped by our new house and left them some prizes!

We asked the bunny (via text of course) to just bring a prize or two for each girl because between the egg hunts and all of the grandparents, the girls have all the candy they could ever want!

We were pleased to see the bunny followed our wishes and just left the girls some M&Ms and bunny gummies along with some small trinket toys in their baskets...the girls were thrilled and thought it was the best thing ever #momwin

Sometimes less is more and let's be real, too much stuff becomes too overwhelming and the girls are too young to

truly appreciate everything. #lessismoreforsure

Once we had kids, we decided to rotate holidays with each side of our family so we aren't rushing from one house to the next on holidays. Our families live an hour and a half apart so spending more time in the car than we do with our families is not something we care to do on holidays.

This Easter we were with my in-laws and the girls had a great time with their boy cousins <3 They had a hunt at Mimi & Pops house followed by a family dinner. We also celebrated my sister-in-law and her boyfriend getting engaged earlier that was really a nice day full of love and food.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter/ Passover weekend!

xoxo Lauren


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