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Liv & Laney's Room

When we put in the offer on our house, the older two girls told us they still wanted to share a room even though we have enough rooms for everyone to have their own. We certainly weren't opposed to them sharing and I actually was happy to have extra space for guests to stay. We figured the older two would go in the largest room (next to the master) and Laney would get her own room since she's a terrible sleeper. Well, right before we moved in, Liv decided she wanted to share with Delaney and Brynley said she wanted her own room. selections were picked and everyone was happy!

Brynley chose a pale Pink paint color that she wanted in her room, while Liv and Delaney were unsure what they wanted their room to look like. Tom and I took apart the bunkbeds the older two had at the old house and separated them so Laney and Liv could have single beds. Quite frankly, we don't trust Laney in bunk beds...she's known to climb and jump off things like a flying squirrel. We configured the beds a few different ways to see which layout gave them the most space.

Once we found the best layout, I was dying to start decorating their bland room. Their room still had the contractor grade paint on the walls and I knew I wanted some color the liven the room. Their room is also kind of dark, as it sits at the back of the house. I let Liv choose which WallPops peel and stick wallpaper she wanted for their room. Since I wasn't prepared to use traditional wallpaper, I thought a peel and stick one that is easy to take off when I needed to would be perfect!

While I typically stick to muted colors when decorating, I thought adding a pop of color for the girls' bedroom would definitely liven it up!

The peel and stick paper arrived and it was even prettier than I expected.

They quality was great and the print looked fabulous- I couldn't wait to get it up!

I wiped down the wall that I was going to paper with warm to make sure it would be a clean surface to work on.

All you have to do is peel off the backing to the vinyl paper and place it on the wall- using a wallpaper smoother to get any air bubbles out. Aligning the paper was so simple, as I just matched the pattern and slightly overlapped the paper for a seamless look.

I only did one wall and it took me under two hours!

The girls absolutely LOVE their room and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out! It took minimal time and effort and the quality exceeded my expectations!

What do you think?!


Thank you to NuWallPaper by WallPops for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.#nuwallpaper #wallpops



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