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Dear Sellers: Our Personal Offer Letter When Buying Our House

When we realized we wanted to put an offer in on the house we are about to settle on, my father-in-law recommended writing a personal letter to the sellers. When he and my mother-in-law sold their last home, the buyers wrote a letter to them about their family and even mentioned they were Eagles fans....of course that sealed the deal!

Being that I enjoy writing anyway (obvi...that's why I have a blog...), I told Tom that I would whip something up so our agent could send it over with our offer to the seller's agent.

Tom always tells me I could write Hallmark cards because I get very sentimental in my writing; so I wrote very personal thoughts in the letter to the sellers. I wrote everything from my heart and when I read it out loud to my mom and mother-in-law, I actually cried as I envisioned us living in the home and making it our own lol

I'm so glad that we wrote the letter and I hope the sellers know we will love and care for their home just as they have over the years. We are looking forward to settlement day and starting projects right away!

Have you ever written or received a personal letter when selling your home? Below is the letter I wrote <3

Mr. and Mrs. xxxxxx,

It is with anticipation that we hope you consider our offer on your home.

We are Tom and Lauren Racobaldo & we would love to raise our daughters in your home. We are a young family, with 3 daughters under 6.

We have been searching for a home that can host many family gatherings; from Thanksgiving Day with our extended families (we think we could definitely fit a competitive family Turkey Bowl game on your property!) to Christmas morning with our girls, opening gifts under the tree as they grow older.

The trees on your property host great hiding spots for Easter egg hunts with our friend’s children as well as many options for a wooden swing for the girls!

Your property is one that our daughters can run around on, use their imagination and safely frolic in their playhouse together with ample room to explore.

We love the old characteristics you have designed in your home, such as the wide staircases, beautiful moldings throughout the house and the picturesque window seats in the bedrooms. I can picture Tom and I reading books to the girls on the window seats at bedtime.

Those are just a few features that give us an “at-home” feel that some other homes haven’t offered.

We want you to know that if you accept our offer, we will continue to show your home an abundance of love and care as you have over the years.

Sincerely, Tom, Lauren, Brynley, Livia and Delaney Racobaldo

xoxo Lauren


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