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5 Home Improvements Under $100 That Will Change The Look of Your Home

Guys, I'm all about giving my home a DIY facelift when things are getting boring and dull.

Sometimes, just a little love & sweetness goes a really long way!

Below are 5 simple tasks that can make your home look and feel like new without spending a fortune!

1. Declutter Decluttering is FREE...start here! You will be amazed at how much a little decluttering can do for your home. Purge your closets, basements and rooms of anything that's unused and simply taking up space. I purge all of our closets every few months. When clothes and shoes start to look worn or the toys ion the basement are bulging out of the means it's time to purge. Decluttering a little bit each month with make your home feel bigger, cleaner and a much brighter place!

2. Shampooing Carpets

This is so simple and can be done in an hour but have a huge impact. If you wear shoes in your house (guilty!), think of the filth that you track onto your carpets from outside. Days turn into weeks and months- before you know it, your carpets are looking grimy and need help! Shampoo them! You won't believe how good some nice clean carpets will feel once all the yuck is off of them!

3. Fresh Paint If your house is anything like ours', and you have kids and pets, walls and trim can take a beating! Between toys being hit into the moldings and kids hands and belongings hitting the walls, fresh paint can truly transform a room into a new space! Most of our house is painted in shades of light Gray and I can't tell you how much fresh paint makes the home look

4. Light Fixtures

Updating lighting can seem daunting and expensive but you can easily find deals online and updated fixtures for much less than $100! When we bought our current house, all the lighting needed to be updated...thankfully, Amazon and Wayfair came to the rescue! Some of the hallway lights were less than $30 each!

5. Spruce Up The Landscaping

When someone goes by your home, the curb appeal is their first impression of you and your home.

Does your home look warm and inviting? Does it look well taken care of?

Every year when spring rolls around, we power wash the house, re-stain our front door, add more mulch to our flower beds, and pull out any plants that didn't survive the winter. It's amazing how quickly things can get overgrown, look dirty and messy and really make your house look sloppy. Just by sprucing up the landscaping and curb appeal of your home with a little manual labor, you can make your home look like a million bucks and you will feel accomplished afterwards as well!

What are some inexpensive home improvements that YOU do to make your home look amazing?!

xoxo Lauren


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