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Sweetest Day Gift 2017 Ideas

{Fun Fact}

Sweeties In The Suburbs, was created as a play on words due to the fact that I am not only the mom of 3 little sweethearts, but I am also the owner of a gourmet cotton candy company- The Cotton Candy Confectionery! I wanted the name of my blog to be something that would tie in my entire life: which would include my life with my husband, 3 sweet daughters and my extra SWEET the suburbs of Philadelphia!

So here I am, elbows deep in sugar and sweetness (literally) everyday. Of course it's safe to assume I'm aware of the 1 day in particular dedicated to everything that's sweet...the Sweetest Day on October 21st! However, many people have never heard of this day {gasp!}, so let me share some more fun facts!

History: Sweetest Day October 21st

Sweetest Day is observed on the 3rd Saturday in the month of October; it's observance originated in Cleveland in 1922.

Herbert Birch Kingston, a philanthropist and candy company employee wanted to bring happiness into the lives of orphans, shut-ins and others who were forgotten. His intent was to show these people that they were not forgotten. In 1922, he started this holiday by giving candy and small gifts. Observance of Sweetest Day is still most prevalent in the Great Lakes region where the holiday originated, including Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin. But today, the once-regional celebration of Sweetest Day has spread throughout the country.

A smile to a stranger, a small act of kindness or a gift of appreciation are all ways you can show someone, even a random passerby, how sweet they are. Who doesn't like a surprise or a little bit of {sugar}?

Give Your Sweeties Some Sugar

I've come up with a list of a few {sweet} items that I think would be the perfect gifts for all those special ladies and gents in your life- even grandma and grandpa would love receiving them!

When { I } think of gifting someone something that's sweet, my mind immediately goes to something edible and consisting of some type of sugar (haha go figure!) Below are two sweet edible options are are my FAVORITES to send to your sweeties on the Sweetest Day!

These caramel apples are sooo mouth watering- they are my favorite Fall treat! They come in a selection of: chocolate covered, chocolate chip dipped and dipped in nuts.

This trio offers the perfect serving size for 3! They are so rich and decadent that really, they could be cut in 1/2 and served to 6. The presentation is beautiful and the receiver is sure to take a fork to the box upon arrival : )

Embellished Monogram Charm Bracelet Now, if you are looking to get your female sweetie something that is personal and will last longer than something edible,

I think you can't go wrong with jewelry. Bangles are so {in} right now and the triple bangle below can have a monogram added- it's beautiful!

This bracelet would be a huge hit! It's made of brass, so it doesn't feel flimsy and you can choose for it to be plated in Gold or Silver. I personally love both finishes, but I tend to wear Yellow Gold more in the Fall/Winter since it matches my wardrobe better.

I have this bracelet and I get so many compliments on it!

Last but not least, flowers. Flowers are a sweet gift for anyone. They can be a sign of love and affection, a way to show someone you appreciate them, or a simple sign of gratitude for the happiness they bring to your life.

Whether the receiver is a little girl, an exhausted college student, or a hard-working professional- a wife, new mom or dad or an aging grandparent; flowers let someone know they are being thought of...and on the Sweetest Day, their day will feel extra sweet!

A wreath is a great option for someone who you may have a more professional relationship with and don't want to send them the wrong sign

(ya know what I mean?! ha).

For instance, this would be a thoughtful gift for your secretary, your child's teacher or even a nurse who is taking care of you or a loved one in the hospital. How beautiful are the feathers?! Such a pretty added touch!

Which gift is YOUR favorite?

Happy Sweetest Day my Sweeties!

Thank you to ProFlowers, Shari's Berries and Personal Creations for sponsoring this post. Thank you for supporting the partnerships that make Sweeties In The Suburbs possible.


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