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5 Ways To Incorporate Cotton Candy Into Your Party

Who doesn't love cotton candy!? It's a light, airy and delicious snack that is fat free as well as gluten free (double cha-ching!) Cotton candy is a snack that is nostalgic to people of all ages! It was invented in 1897 by a dentist and debuted at the World Fair for $.25 a box- the equivalent of $6 today. It has been enjoyed by people of all ages ever since!

Most people relate cotton candy to carnival and fair food. You can also get it at sporting events or packaged in bulk from some "big box" stores! But in recent years, cotton candy has become a trendy treat for weddings and special events! Whether you want cotton candy spun at your next party or cotton candy as party favors, there are companies, like The Cotton Candy Confectionery, to make your event a little extra sweeter!

For those of you unaware, besides blogging about my family, style and life in general, I also own a gourmet cotton candy company, The Cotton Candy Confectionery! I started the company when I was planning my own wedding and searching for a similar company to serve at my wedding- but nothing of the sort could be found. That is when The Cotton Candy Confectionery was born!

Below are some of my favorite ways to incorporate cotton candy into your next event!


I hate wasting money on trinket party favors that are never used, break after 5 minutes, or get lost in between my car seats. So why not give an edible party favor as a sweet "thank you for coming!" Cotton candy can be packaged in endless ways to fit any theme or color scheme. At The Cotton Candy Confectionery, we hand-mix every batch of sugar for each customer's order. We mix any flavor on our menu with any color, to custom create a batch of sugar specific for our customer's event!


As a mom of 3 little ones, I'm always trying to come up with party ideas that are just a little different than the norm. Now that our older two girls are in preschool, we are invited to parties frequently throughout the year for their friends and classmates. For my daughter's parties, I like to offer something a little unique that offers entertainment and fascination all-in-one. Spinning cotton candy on-site at an event adds a whole other facet of the "wow factor" and excitement to a party!

(Photo Credit: Lauren Fair Photography)

(Photo Credit: Alimario Photography)


Do you like trying new drinks or having pretty, unique and non-umbrella garnishes to compliment it? How much fun are signature drinks at a party? I've been to so many weddings and holiday parties where a signature drink was offered based on the couple's favorite choice or the theme of the event, such as a "Blushing Bride" champagne cocktail or a "Reindeer Rum" concoction. Cotton candy is fabulous with both! A puff of cotton candy added to the bottom of the glass will "disappear" when the drink is poured on top. Better yet, the drink can be poured, then a puff of fluff can be added to the rim for a unique and sweet touch!

(Photo Credit: Sweetly Chic Events)


Cotton candy is the perfect topping to SO many appetizers and desserts! A tuft of maple or vanilla cotton candy is delicious on a bacon appetizer and also gives a whimsical touch to a coffee and tea bar. Instead of a teaspoon of sugar inn your coffee, add a handful of cotton candy! What about cotton candy on top of creme brûlée or as a decoration on a cupcake? How about adding cotton candy to a hot chocolate bar? The possibilities are endless, as are the flavors we can make!

5. Decor

Did you every think that you could make decor from cotton candy? What if I said cotton candy could hang from trees or branches and add a fairy-like touch to a unicorn or fairy party?! Now I will admit, this one is a little trickier. Cotton candy melts in warm temperatures so I always advise to have the cotton candy packaged or wrapped in some way...if it's not, it will melt and drip once the humidity and heat gets to it! But nonetheless, it is an awesome conversation starter and a fun way to add decor to your event...and your guests can take it home after!

If you ask me, a lot can be done with cotton candy to add the perfect touch to your party!

It's fun, yet can be a very elegant touch to any type of event!



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