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The Easiest "Meal Prep" for on-the-go Moms


This post is in partnership with Chicken of the Sea. All opinions here are my own.


After I had Delaney in 2016, it was important to me that I got back in shape and got into a meal prep routine to keep my meals healthy and well-rounded. I was living on snacks and my girls' PB&J and chicken nugget leftovers and I certainly didn't feel my best. My body was sluggish and certainly not feeling "fulfilled" after I ate junk. Meal planning definitely worked for me and I did get results rather quickly as I was eating a high protein diet and working out multiple days a week as well.

However, it would take me hours on a Sunday to prep all my lunch and dinner meals for the week. I liked knowing what I would eat each day (ahead of time) and it was the best way for me to stay "onboard" with my new health and fitness journey after having my 3 daughters in a 4 year span.

But as the months went on and the girls got older, driving back and forth to school and activities became much more frequent and I was spending more time in my car each day. That's when I started grabbing protein bars instead, to get me through "lunch" because they were easy to grab and didn't need to be "prepped" ahead of time.

Well, now, even my protein bars are "so last summer"; I found a new favorite on-the-go meal that keeps me full and satisfied for lunch and snack time wherever I'm headed! Chicken of the Sea tuna Infusions, my friends. If you read my previous post about COS Infusions, you may have already tried these yourself- I want to hear your thoughts if you have! But if you aren't familiar with them, COS tuna Infusions combines unique flavors, high protein (20g!) and on-the-go convenience for the health-conscious consumer. They contain high-quality, tender tuna chunks infused with extra virgin olive oil, herbs and spices. They are single-serving containers and even include a spoon in the packaging- no dishes is a double-win in my book!

The product comes in four different flavors: Lemon & Thyme, Sundried Tomato, Thai Chili, & Basil. My personal favorites are Lemon & Thyme and Basil; but I like adding Sundried Tomato and Thai Chili to salads because they have more robust spices!

I know what you're probably thinking as you read this..."eww you eat tuna in your car or at your girl's activities- it must stink!" But, I will tell you that infusions pass the smell test with flying colors!! Infusions are self-proclaimed #neighborfriendly because your kids, coworkers or spouse will NOT smell your yummy Wild Caught tuna like you typically would from tuna in a can. If you don't believe me, try it yourself!

Instead of spending hours now on Sunday, prepping meals for the week, I just check my pantry to make sure I have enough Infusions to get me through the week. I toss an Infusion in my bag along with a cheese stick and apple and that's the extent of "meal prepping" this busy mom of 3 does these days! Eating healthy doesn't have to be hard or tedious...I keep it simple and quick with Infusions and I enjoy my Sundays a whole lot more! #ChickenoftheSea #Infusions

Twitter: @COSMermaid


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