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Our Entryway Hallway: To Paint or Wallpaper?!

The majority of our house is painted, but there is something about a wallpapered accent wall that gets me giddy! I finally made the plunge and decided to also wallpaper our entryway and hallway...with REAL wallpaper.

I chose Azzure Blue Grasscloth Paper from and I've received SO many compliments on it; it's texture and color fit the vibe of our home perfectly!

One thing that had me a little unsure right after it was hung was that grasscloth is meant to show seams. Now, that's something I am not used to, because like I previously mentioned, most of our house is painted so I'm used to staring at a smooth wall. It has taken me a few weeks for the seams of the grasscloth print to grow on me. The seams aren't as noticeable now that pictures have been hung and a table and decor is adorning the wall.

Beyond my OCD craziness with the seams, I'm SO glad we chose to wallpaper and not just leave the walls painted. The wallpaper really gives a nice pop of contrasting shades of Blue to our downstairs space and the textured paper, not intentionally, matches a pair of pillows I purchased (last year) perfectly!

We get so much natural light in our hall and entryway from all our windows and the wall looks so cool with light shining on different really adds dimension!

A-Street Prints new site goes live on April 25th and I can't wait to see ALL their new prints! You can start getting a sneak peek if you visit their Instagram page @astreetprints!

Have you ever wallpapered rooms in your house? How did the room turn out?

xoxo Lauren

Thank you to A-Street Prints for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own


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