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Best Outdoor Play Items for Kids

I frequently share on Instagram about my girls playing outside in our yard.

I commonly get asked where I got the items from that the girls play with most so I figured I would share their favorite items with you guys in a post!

We try to get the girls to play outside as much as possible; the key is to have stuff outside the actually want to play with! Of course, we have a lot of smaller toys like bats, balls, soccer nets, bubbles etc. but the toys listed below are the "bigger" items that stay outside all the time!

1. The most LOVED outdoor item of the girls' is their cedar playhouse.

We got it from Sam's Club a few years ago but unfortunately, they no longer sell it...however, Amazon does! This house has been a hit since we got it. If you follow my stories on IG, you know I just gave this little house a facelift and it looks so stinking cute! I'll be doing a post on it soon <3

2. The girls love this cedar table my mom got them- it matches their house and they play "restaurant" and "house" all the time with it! My mom ordered this from Walmart and I believe you can get it on Wayfair too! The umbrella it came with looked cheap, in my opinion, so I bought a Little Tikes canvas one from their site to go with it and it looks much nicer. I also just painted this to match the girls house and it looks so cute! We have had the table for almost 3 years and it has also held up very well. Even us moms sit at it while the kids are playing and it has yet to snap on us hahah

3. We got this Little Tikes Easy Storage Slide from a neighbor who no longer wanted it and the kids love it!

I'm going to spray paint the actual slide to give it new life because it's so faded from the sun (we haver the Red/Blue slide) but it's such a nicely made slide, and we will have it for years to come! It's bigger than most of the others on the market and it strong enough to hold older kids as well

(Age rec. goes to 6yo).

4. This is a smaller plastic picnic table that we got last summer is great for babies/young toddlers. I wanted something Delaney could easily get up and down from and she was only 1...this little table was perfect and inexpensive! It's easy to clean but has faded quite a bit. I may also spray paint this when I do the slide so they match

5. This Little Tikes swing has lasted us 4 years and was the first outdoor toy we had at this house. Brynley was the first to use it and Delaney still loves going on it. If you follow me on Instagram, you've definitely seen Delaney flying high in it haha

6. Last but not least, is the girls pool. It's big, inexpensive, and I can fit in it so it was a WIN! I will say, the size of it makes it harder to drain (even though a drain is on the bottom of the pool) but I've learned my lesson and no longer fill it very high. This pool has gotten me through afternoons in the summer...when the girls come home from camp and say they are "bored".

What are some items your kids play with constantly out in your yard?

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xoxo Lauren


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