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|| DIY || Fake Flower Wall on a Budget!

My little sister got married in May {YAY!} and I had been looking forward to planning her bridal shower for yearsssss. Florals are SO "in" right now, so we decided we would have a floral theme! I had been pinning all these STUNNING floral walls but for the size and look I was going for, they were expensive to rent/purchase...I was certain I could make one for less expensive and also be able to

re-use it for other events!

I bought 8 foam boards at the Dollar Tree for $1 each and I purchased the flowers in bulk on amazon (which I've linked below with my affiliate links for your convenience)! When complete, You can easy mount the floral wall up on a wall with masking tape, but we weren't allowed to hang anything at the venue so I used a pipe and drape from amazon.

Things you'll need for the flower wall:

Glue Gun

Paper Flowers (DIY HERE)

Foam Boards

(# depends on how large you want your final product to be)

Clear Packing Tape & Scissors

Step 1

I started out by taping 6 foam boards together (2 wide x 3 long). I didn't add the final 2 panels at the bottom until we arrived at the venue, for transportation reasons : )

Step 2

Using the plastic tip on the flower head, I poked a bunch of holes randomly all over the taped boards to make inserting/gluing the flowers easier. If the flowers you use don't have the plastic piece, that's even easier! Just hot glue right onto the board.

Step 3

Next, start putting a generous circle of hot glue around a few holes in the board at a time (to make the process quicker) and press the different variations of flowers into the holes. I pushed on each flower head for about 3 seconds to make sure they were stuck in the foam board well. Continue this step until you are happy with the amount of flowers on your wall!


It took me a few hours

(I worked on this for small increments of time over two months because....3 kids under 5....)

from start to finish and I couldn't have been happier with the finished product! I received so many compliments on it and people couldn't believe I made it for around $100!

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