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My February Favorites

February is almost over but we packed in a lot this month! We celebrated the Super Bowl, Liv's and my birthday and Valentine's Day all in the first two weeks. Crafts, outside play and cooking in the kitchen were daily occurrences as were tantrums, arguments and wine consumption.

{insert smiling mom face}

I'm looking forward to trying new things in March!

1. Favorite Moment this month

Hands down, my favorite day/memory this month was SUPERBOWL SUNDAY! Our EAGLES played and WON but the whole day was spent at our house, with the girls and we made memories. We did EAGLES crafts, baked Green Krispie treats and got decked out in gear. We had "football" food, decorated the house and chanted the fight song all day long. The girls were SO excited and into it and Tom & I enjoyed watching the game at home. The girls were so excited they stayed up for the whole game. Well, Liv fell asleep by the 4th quarter, but Bryn was jumping and screaming along with us when we WON!

2. Favorite Recipe I Made

Definitely this new Turkey Chili recipe I found on Pinterest!

The ingredients are healthy and if you want to be naughty, you can add a bunch of cheese on top (my husband’s preference).

I left out the tomato paste and crushed tomato and just used diced tomatoes.

3. Favorite Outfit I wore

Hands down, my ASOS romper that I wore out for my birthday. It was comfy, yet stylish and I felt like a hot mama in it...

ya know what I’m saying mamas?!? 💁🏻‍♀️ Mine is no longer in stock but here's a similar one and a lace one as well!

4. Favorite Book/Show/Movie

Tom and I have been watching different shows/series on Netflix when the girls go to bed. My favorite this month was The Killing! We like murder mysteries and usually have our own different theories after each episode which makes things more interesting. We LOVED the first season and then felt like the got worse each season after.

5. Favorite Kid's Item


The girls are very into playing house these days and always want to be “mommies” or “teenagers” 🤦🏻‍♀️ They’ve been playing with their pretend makeup from Little Cosmetics and say they are stylists and “makeup girls”. This pretend makeup has given me hours worth of peace....kinda. So, yea...I’d say it’s my favorite this month 🤣

6. Favorite Beauty/Skincare Product

My skin has been so dry, but I’ve been wearing my Organic and Vegan Coola BB Cream like it’s my job and it’s really moisturizing! I wear it as a tinted moisturizer and it’s perfection- it even has SPF in it. Light coverage but makes me look alive at preschool drop-off 😴

7. Favorite Date Night

We only went out once this month for my birthday and Valentine’s Day but it was the best!

We went to our favorite local restaurant and had an amazing dinner- delicious, quite and romantic (see #11)👌🏼

8. Favorite cocktail/mocktail

I’m a Red wine drinker and my favorite wine this month was a Coppola Directors Cabernet, which my husband picked up for my birthday dinner. We are big Cab fans and it was SO smooth...we probably could have drank two bottles haha

9. Favorite Target Find

My protein bars are finally at Target🙌🏼

Target sells a smaller quantity per box than what I usually get, but they save me an extra trip to Wegmans to get them and they still come out to basically the same price. Target FTW! Woo hooo! Ps. You can also order them right HERE on Amazon!

10. Favorite Activity

(crafts with kids, winter activities, family activities, etc)

We did a few fun crafts this month that the girls really enjoyed. BUT, it was 78 and Sunny in Philly on Wednesday, so being outside and going to the park in our neighborhood was by far the best activity.

11. Favorite Restaurant/Favorite Food

I already mentioned by favorite date night above, which also is my favorite restaurant. The food is farm to table and amazing. It’s a small dining room where you watch the chef cooking your meal. I ordered the Duck and it was so savory.


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