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Planning An Ice Cream Social Party

June 21st was Delaney's 1st birthday. This last year has truly gone by in a flash! It was full of love, laughter and sleepless nights!

{SHOUT OUT to Delaney's sleep specialist, Nancy, who helped turn our exhausted frowns upside down at 10 took us awhile to give in to the help..thank goodness we did because now we finally get sleep!}

But I digress. Anyone who knows me, knows I love throwing parties. Food, family, friends and fun decor is all it takes to make me happy! That's exactly what we did to celebrate Delaney's first year! Bright colors and ice cream cones glittered our house!

Since Delaney has a summer birthday & Brynley and Liv's birthdays are during different seasons, I was SO excited to celebrate outside, with warm weather and summer activities! I thought an ice cream theme would be cute and fun for June and the kids would love it! I knew I wanted to have an ice cream bar with all the "fixings" for dessert,but wanted to do something EXTRA fun for the kids!

(Banner: Peonies Events)

So, I arranged for our neighborhood ice cream man to come! Sloby, our ice cream man, was so so easy to work with and just asked when I wanted him there and that's when he came to serve the kids. LOVE him and so did the kids!

When the kids heard the ice cream truck {tune} come down the road, they were all jumping up and down asking their parents if they could get ice cream from the ice cream man- they didn't quite understand that he was there for the party and OF COURSE they could choose whatever they wanted...and Delaney was treating ;)

After ice cream, the kids jumped in the bouncy house, played in the girls' playhouse and designed their own ice cream sundaes with stickers and cardstock. Then, we brought out the big ice cream cone piñata! It's not a kids party without a piñata!

It was one the the best Amazon purchases e v e r. I filled it with assorted candy, gummy bear packs and organic lollipops- I'm sure the parents LOVED us that day- hey, at least the gummy bears and lollipops were organic ; ) The kids were so excited and anticipated being "the one" to crack the piñata open. We relied on the older ones, and they came through!

Next up, time for cake and the ice cream! Although her eyes were barely open and she was practically falling asleep at this point, Delaney LOVED her cake- she was mad when I took it away! She was eating icing by the handful! Singing to her was a lot of fun because her sisters and cousins were really excited to celebrate!

The ice cream bar had Belgium waffles, cookies, sugar cones, waffle cone bowls and cake cones for ice cream "containment".

Sprinkles, chocolate chips, M&Ms, gummy bears, and Lucky Charms marshmallows were topping choices, and we can't forget chocolate sauce!

I think the adults enjoyed the homemade waffle and cookie ice cream sandwiches equally! I purchased pre-cooked Belgian waffles from BJ's and they were a hit- I just heated them in the oven right before I put them out for the guests!

After the cake and ice cream was enjoyed, we opened gifts and thanked everyone for coming. It was truly such a fun day spent celebrating Delaney!

It's so hard to believe my baby is starting to walk and talk already- it felt like yesterday that I was at the hospital and she was about to join our family.

{They} say the days are long but the years are short...I couldn't agree more.

(Delaney's outfit and Brynley's Dress-

Happy 1st Birthday, our sweet Delaney <3

xoxo Mommy


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