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{We Love You, Mommy}

The girls (Brynley & Livia) were so excited to celebrate Mother's Day this year- since they are old enough to understand what it is!

Since Brynley and Livia are both in pre-k this year, they both made me a special gift at school, and hand-made cards. Brynley's class also had a Mother's Tea on the Wednesday before Mother's Day. It was absolutely adorable! It was so special for me to share an hour with Brynley, without her sisters around- and showing her how appreciative I was of her hard work...and my hand-made glitter heart pin she made me : )

When I woke up on Mother's Day, the girls excitedly told me they were going to make me a breakfast surprise in bed. Tom took all 3 to the store and they came home 45 minutes later with 1 dozen donuts hah

By that time, I was downstairs making coffee when they walked back in, and they started yelling for me to get in bed so they could bring me breakfast. I asked if I could lay on the couch instead, because mommy REALLY wanted a cup of coffee (and to be with them all, of course) : )

They Obliged.

A bouquet of flowers arrived shortly after- Brynley and Livia were overcome with excitement when showing me the different colored roses they picked out with daddy on the computer when ordering... Pink and Darker Pink- yay, my favorite!

After we finished our donuts, we all got ready to head out for a little walk and lunch in Princeton. We did this two years ago and loved it. I love Palmer Square in Princeton and just walking around the town with Tom and the girls is all I wanted to do! When we arrived, we parked and went straight to lunch. We ate outside at The Hamilton Grill, just as we did 2 years ago on Mother's Day. While there was lots of whining, arguing, and visits to the bathroom, we did enjoy lunch and I'm sure our waiter was glad to see us leave haha

After lunch, we walked around the square, checking out the shops. We stopped at the fountain and let the girls throw in coins and make wishes. Brynley told us 1 of her wishes was that everyday could be her birthday....hmmmm, sorry, kid. Don't think that one will come true.

We walked around a little more before stopping at a cupcake shop. At lunch, we promised the girls we would get cupcakes before we left; of course, I would never turn down an opportunity to eat dessert! Timing was perfect. Right as we were finishing our cupcakes, the baby started getting antsy and Liv said her legs were tired and couldn't walk anymore. Brynley would have walked around and shopped with me all day...I guess her and I will have to go back by ourselves soon : )

This Mother's Day was truly the prefect day in my eyes. Time well spent with Tom and the girls- a nice lunch out, memories made and delicious dessert is always a bonus ; ) But the best part was the my handmade cards that said, " I Love You, Mommy!" in their handwriting that I will cherish forever <3


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