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My Go-To Spring Style

Spring has arrived (technically, but doesn't totally feel like it yet) and it's my absolute favorite season! The Spring weather in PA is usually in the mid-high 70s, which in my opinion, is perfection!

What I really love about the Spring are all the cute outfits I can wear- no jackets, sweatshirts or baggy sweaters to "cover up"!

Of course these said outfits are primarily worn to drive the girls back and forth to pre-school and their extra-curricular activities..because let's face it, I rarely have anywhere {special} to go during the week...but I enjoy wearing something other than yoga pants and a sweatshirt, nonetheless!

I would consider my style fairly classic and basic; I usually stick to solid neutral colors and rarely wear something really bold and daring

(I know... I need to explore more with fashion)!

I tend to gravitate towards more of a boho style during the spring and summer.

Gauzy, crochet, lace materials and oversized dresses are a few of my faves : )

To me, accessories have a way of making the simplest outfit look like it's straight out of a magazine. A cute pair of embellished earrings, a leather bracelet and an anklet and/or chunky watch would be perfect jewelry to accessorize with a pair of skinny jeans and a tee...

all stylish, mom-friendly looks without looking (or feeling) frumpy.

Who doesn't love a good pair of stretchy White jeans? I wear White jeans with Converses or flat sandals during the day and then switch to wedges or dressier sandals to go out to dinner with my girlfriends or to wear to church. I'm obsessed with anything that has lace and/or stone embellishments on them, and would wear an off the shoulder or ruffle sleeve top any day of the week! My style is one that can be dressed up or down, worn with flip flops or heels, and still look equally as adorable! Since my closet screams, "Plain Jane", I usually like to wear embellished accessories of some sort to jazz things up a bit...this way, I can add or subtract pieces as the day goes on!

Lace and crochet a n y t h i n g has a way of making me feel pretty and romantic...and who doesn't like to feel like {t h a t}? I think 1/2 of my closet is a combination of Black, White, Ivory, Blush and Lace/crochet pieces- they are my {comfort zone}. You'll see more of that in another post soon!

But, what really says warmer weather more than a cute pair of espadrilles or embellished sandals!? I've been doing some spring cleaning in my closet and forgot about so many pairs of shoes I had in boxes on the top shelf- some are staying and some are going up on eBay, it's a [win/win} if you ask me!

I'm really looking forward to warmer weather, windows open, and all things White, ruffled and lace this Spring! But maybe it's time I reach a bit out of my comfort zone and try some different styles...what do you think?!


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