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Welcome to my newest sweet spot in the suburbs!

My name is Lauren & I'm so excited to share my lifestyle blogging adventure with you! This is something I've been thinking about doing for a little while now...but I kept letting life get in the way!

I'm the wife of a very supportive and hard-working husband, a mommy to 3 sweet little girls (Brynley 4, Livia 3, Delaney 8 months) and have a fluffy White Lhasa-Poo named Molly.

I am the mover and shaker of The Cotton Candy Confectionery, a gourmet cotton candy company, in the beautiful suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. I love everything sweet and sparkly. I could spend hours going to antique stores...but HomeGoods is my biggest guilty pleasure. I love finding a bargain, and rummaging sales racks is therapeutic for me.

My most cherished moments in life are spent with my husband and our daughters and I wouldn't trade those for anything! I'm obsessed with documenting daily life with my family through taking pictures & videos and documenting my daughters' milestones consists of sticking scribbled post-its to the pages of their baby books. I'm a lover of all things DIY and am a firm believer that you can never have too many flowers around your house!

I'm starting my blogging quest, so I have a special place to share all of my personal experiences and passions as a wife, mom, and young boss-lady! I'm so excited to meet new people who share the same excitements in life and who I can relate to as well! I hope my blog can be a place for you to wind down, laugh and enjoy lighthearted, authentic, non-perfect talk about all the things that bring sweetness to my life!

xoxo Lauren


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