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Summer Bucket List For Kids

At the end of May, school was out for the summer and I was already getting questions on day 2 like, "What can we do, we're bored?" and "Are we going anywhere special today?" I am all for kids enjoying summer like I did, back in the 90s and just being a kid outside all day...but some days I want to get out of the house too and change things up!

The girls and I came up with a Summer Bucket List of the things they wanted to experience over the remaining weeks of summer. I hope that if we don't accomplish every single one, we at least get most of them. Many are family activities that we can do together, which I also love!

-Highlighted #'s means we've done them already :)

1. Children's Museum

2. Aquarium

3. Go to the park

4. Go get ice cream at a new place

5. Go to the zoo

6. Catch lightening bugs

7. Bake a cake and cookies

8. Make popsicles

9. Go to a Phillies Game

10. Go to an Eagles game

11. Have a water balloon fight

12. Visit a farm

13. Paint playhouse

14. Pick blueberries

15. Go to Tabora for lunch

16. Learn how to swim

17. Send a letter to someone

18. Donate to those in need

19. Learn to ride bike without training wheels

20. Go to Dutch Wonderland

Do you let your kids pick things that they want to do during summer? What are some things you do that aren't on my girl's list?

xoxo Lauren


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