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|| DIY || Coffee Filter Flowers- Easiest DIY ever!

If I hadn't made these coffee filter flowers myself, I would never think they were so simple...yet they are! I first made them for my daughter's "Fairy" birthday party and they are one of the simplest DIY's and have a huge impact on your decor...did I mention it will cost you less than $2?!?! I actually dyed the filters with food coloring for the fairy party but that's a whole other post coming soon...

we will stick to basics for this DIY!

Things you need:

White Basket Filters

1 pack of 4 cup & 1 pack of 8-12 cup if you want size variation)


I make my flowers two different sizes to give variation. I make some flowers only using the 4 cup filter size and then some using both sizes together. The process is the exact same, but using 2 sizes will give a fuller and larger look, not to mention more dimension : )

Step 1

Take filters out of the package and flatten them.

Step 2

Take 5-6 flattened filters and lay them on top of each other

(the more you use, the fuller and more "petaled" the flowers will look).

Step 3

Fold the pile in half to create a 1/2 moon shape.

Right in the center, about 1/4 inch from the crease, pinch the filters and staple it.

Step 4

Starting with the filter in the middle and working your way to the outer one, scrunch up the filter to give a crinkled look.


Now these flowers will just be the "head" of the flower- there is no stem. I used them to lay on tables, they could also be hot glued to different items to make a pretty gift or unique decor item! The possibilities are endless!

This project will cost you about $2 to make around 50 flowers. I bought (2) 100 packs of filters at Target for less than $1 each and was able to make 48 flowers since I used multiple filters for each. Even my 5 year old helped me do the project and loved it!

Try them for yourself and let me know how they turn out! I'm all for a cheap and easy DIY!


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